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Mc Moon
Sin Will Find You

After two years featuring him onto our AntiChristmas compilation, we went down on our knees, prayed him. Begged him.
And in the end we did it. MC MOON is releasing a full length on Misantrof AntiRecords!

What can you find under the veil of a nun?

Mc Moon is a weird entity, a strange creature, a lost soul.
Behind the mask, behind the cross, behind the blood dripping spirituality there's an artist with years, ages and aeons of musical experience as song writer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, front man, vocalist, producer.

In his career he plays and played in several bands including Opus Dei and W.O.G.U.E. (Death SS's front man side projects), Soul Hunters, Weird Uncle Betty, Susy Likes Nutella and as a song writer he wrote songs for many bands, including Death SS themselves.

There's a range of lowest common denominators in his artistic involvement, and that includes darkness, electronic, perversion, forbidden religiosity, new wave, the 80s, the 90s, naked bodies, blood, blasphemies in English, lust in Latin.

In a constant lack of equilibrium between faith and atheism, abstinence and abuse, love and hate, making love and having extreme sex, kissing and biting, you'll find out there's a dress code to respect while listening to Mc Moon's music.
That dress code must be respected -obeyed- and it can be summarized as TOTAL BLACK vaguely based onto neon lights, high heels, whips, chains, studs, with a touch of steampunk rebellion with the elegance of a black cassock, with the corruption of a trve master-slave attitude, where Mc Moon is the master, and you out there are happily playing the slave.
You'll enjoy it. You'll have multiple orgasms. And you'll suffer the hell of the hell.

His music will possess you. Deflower you. Deprive you of all your intimacy, privacy... to get lost in the sexual intercourse you'll experience with these twelve tracks.

Twelve tracks. One for of each bell that tolls every hour from that far away belfry you see from your bedroom window, while lying in bed, with your wet hand between your legs, dreaming wet desires that will all end in a spiral of madness, darkness and loneliness.

Mc Moon describes his music in a simple way:

Nuns, priests, whores and transvestites. Churches and brothels.

It doesn't matter if you either are an erotic nuns, a gay priest, a desperate whore or a beautiful transvestites.
It doesn't matter if you dream is to take part to an orgy with any of the above mentioned sinners.
It doesn't matter if you want to have sex in a church, to inhale the smell of the forbidden sin, or if you just want to let yourself go in the downtown low budget dirty brothel:

This is your soundtrack.

And it doesn't matter if you knee down to your god for forgiveness, because Sin will find You. Wherever you are. Wherever you'll go. There's no prayers. There's no redemption.

Your only god wears leathers, he fuck with nuns, and his holy pastors are busy into a never ending gangbang.

This is the will of god. These are your Commandments. This is SIN and you found it.

Sin Will Find You      

Released on May 311st 2017
Official Facebook Page Here

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This album is also on our Soundcloud page:

-Sin Will Find You-

... or you will find it.

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Nuns, priests, whores and transvestites. Churches and brothels.

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