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Brendon Basley
Andrew Trevenen
Jeremy Adams
Val Macukat

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Daniel Fox

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Memoria is a blackened metal band from Perth, Western Australia. Formed in 2003, the band is a 5-piece, combining black metal, death metal and classical guitar traditions. Dark folk one day and black metal the next; the band has an experimental edge, often spending as much time recording drills on spring coils as recording conventional instruments. Influences are diverse, including bands such as Emperor; Ulver; Moonsorrow; Dödheimsgard; Enslaved; Opeth; Ministry; Swans; and Einstürzende Neubauten. The band also takes inspiration from experimental artists such as Bad Sector; Olhon; Alan Lamb; author Cormac McCarthy and the sound designs of David Lynch.

 Memoria was founded by Jonathan Carroll in 2003 in Perth, Western Australia. Initially started as a solo project, Carroll recorded a ‘Memoria’ demo in mid-2003 combining elements of classical/Spanish guitar and dark folk melodies. Copies of the demo sold quickly to an enclave of Perth fans and Memoria performed as a solo act throughout 2004 in Western Australia, as well as several shows in London and Northern Italy.

Brendon Basley joined Memoria as a permanent member and drummer in 2006, co-producing the dark classical/folk album ‘The Midnight Ball’ (2006). This release was met with critical acclaim amongst European underground metal magazines.

 Memoria shifted gears in 2007 with an experimental noise release entitled ‘Memorioquia: Auradeutung’. The album utilized sound design techniques; field recordings and melodies derived mostly from guitars and synthesizers.

The band expanded in 2009 with the additions of Andrew Trevenen (vocals); Mick Adams (guitars); and Jeremy Adams (bass). During this time, Memoria adopted a more ‘blackened metal’ style of playing, suitable for high energy live performances.

Val Macukat replaces Mick Adams on guitar November 2011. Daniel Fox (drums) leaves band end of 2011.

Band members
Jonathan Carroll (Guitars, Vocals)
Brendon Basley (Drums)
Andrew Trevenen (Vocals)
Val Macukat (Guitars, Vocals)  
Jeremy Adams (Bass)

-Death Calls The Islands-

Recorded and produced by Memoria at Dead by Dawn Studios 2011.
Mastered by Rob Grant at Poonshead Fremantle.
Triangle by Thorvald Anderson

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-This Landscape Is Endless-

The band started rehearsing for this album in early 2013 at BigBeat studios Perth, with songs recorded over 7 blood-pressured days in May 2013 at Poonshead Studio in Fremantle by Rob Grant. The album was mixed in August, finally mastered in November 2013, with double LPs returning from the pressing plant in April 2014! The album was partially funded by the WA Dept. of Culture and Arts and artwork for the album was thoughtfully created by Robin Libbrecht.

It has been a very long and arduous journey but we are proud of the result. The overt and latent content of the album is confronting, and in retrospect, perhaps all aspects of Landscape’s production were supposed to be this way. We made it difficult for ourselves and the result is probably not easy for listeners. I hope it will be rewarding for those who endure…for those who want to be challenged and gain more from their music.

To honor this creation, we lovingly continue our collaboration with Misantrof ANTIRecords providing free MP3 album downloads and have pressed 150 limited edition double vinyl for sale through the bandstore (extra gifts included as always). The album will also be available for sale as lossless audio files (Wav; FLAC) through bandcamp. Many thanks and best wishes on behalf of Memoria, Jonathan.
Full download below or torrent download here

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