Antiminister - Guitars, bass, vocals and recording
Krutt - Drums

Verkebyll aka. statsløgn

Zareptha Deformed




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Avstand started up as a solo project back in 2005 by Antiminister who wanted to express his way of  thoughts  and feelings he could not do by other kinds of art. After trying to find a suitable name for the project that would describe Anti´s way of writing music and lyrics, Avstand was the name to settle with in 2006. Late in the year of  2006 was the year Avstand became a name on the internet and uploaded some old tracks from the beginning of his guitar playing, recorded on a BOSS 8 track, and the wheels where in motion.

Things really started getting serious when Kurt Westergaard draw his pictures of the prophet Muhammed and embassies started burning around the middle east. Anti did not like this at all and that was the birth of the song "Muhammed" by Avstand. Popular as it was among some people, it was even more hated by others, and Anti received death threats and other not so extreme but still, no nice messages from muslims araound the world. This was the revenge of Antiminister and Avstand.

After going solo for a while, Anti met up with a old friend after he had recognized a piece of jewelry he had made a couple of years earlier searching  myspace, and was told by Nidgrim that this in fact was Anti. Anti and Verkebyll aka Statsløgn teamed up. In mid  2007 verkebyll joined at drums and winter that year Avstand was officially a two piece band. But in the spring 2008 Anti went back to going solo.

Having a lot to do in 2008/2009 with recording both Framferd´s new album, Landgang. And Guess What´s Burning, Avstand really started taking shape. And in the late summer 09 Avstand first album was released on Forces of satan records in mp3 format. Shortly after the release Antiminister went back to studio with new material. working night hours Antiminister went in studio night and day, some days until 8 in the morning. With some material completely done, and some not at all, Antiminister managed to glue this together. But still no drummer was on the team.

One night out Anti was on a concert with Zareptha Deformed in Tønsberg.  Knowing only the vocalist in the band, Anti went up to the drummer named Krutt (Gunpowder) after the show and grabbed him and asked if he wanted to play drums on a studio project. The answer was yes, and then it was back to the studio, Krutt had his own studio at home and rehearsal started. After the album was done, Krutt was so pleased with the outcome he now asked Antiminister if they should team up and working on songs together from now on. Antiminister being very pleased with his work on the drums agreed on this.

In late 2009 Antiminister was contacted by Vrangsinn of Carpathian Forest, asking him how Avstand is going, having heard of it a couple of years earlier, Antiminister sent him a track from the new album he was working on. He seemed to enjoy the new work of Antiminister and asked if Avstand was signed to a bound contract somewhere, and if Anti wanted to release Mostanderen on his antirecord label, misantrof antirecords. Answering yes to this, Antiminister sent over the album and asked if he could do the mastering of the album. Vrangsinn agreed to this, and did alot of work on this album mastering, making the cover design and a promo video over the next couple of months. After  much work the album in its whole was finally finished and ready for release on Misantrof antirecords. 

AVSTAND - MOTSTANDEREN (promo video)      

Buy Motstanderen      


Recorded by Antiminister winter of 2009, mastered by Vrangsinn

This album is released on CD in a limited edition of 100 copies. All are sold out.

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