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April 2008

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The horror vault MySpace
Production company - Cetus productions

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The Horror Vault

Nine tales of human cruelty, nine tales of human depravity, nine tales of human horror.

When John Met Julia
Written and Directed by Kim Sønderholm (DK)
Starring Claire Ross and Kim Sønderholm

Written and Directed by Mark Machillo (US).
Starring Jonathan Trent, Heather Tom, Sally Wells Cook, Chad Mehle, Elisa Richardson and James Terry.

Written and Directed by Kenny Selko (US)
Starring Manda Amano, Jerod Edington and Guy Nardulli

Mental Distortion
Written and Directed by Kim Sønderholm (DK)
Starring Kim Sønderholm, Maja Muhlack and Barbara Zatler

Dead To The World
Written and Directed by Russ Diaper (UK)
Starring Russ Diaper, Paul Kelleher and Joyia Fitch

Written and Directed by David Boone and Josh Card (US)
Starring Adam Boone, Anthony Wenztel and Kelly Fagin.

Written and Directed by Gabe Dowrick (AU)
Starring Sean Seuthorp and Leslie Armstrong

The Demon
Written and Directed by Thomas Steen Sørensen (DK)
Starring Martin Frislev Ammitsbøl, Mikael Lindeman and Tanashka Sofie Ramji Olsen.

Written and Directed by JP Wenner (US)
Starring Rachel Grubb, Heather Amos, Josh Leseur and Clarence Wethern

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2017-05-31 23:41:25 - added by Zakk
MC MOON, Sin Will Find You
Released on June 1st 2017!

Nuns, priests, whores and transvestites. Churches and brothels.

... more

2016-12-26 19:11:39 - added by Zakk
Holy Fucking AntiChristmas Volume 9.

It is out!


... more

2016-10-15 12:43:22 - added by Luca

Sorry for you, but it's Fucking xmas time again.
The mass is already jinglebellin' all around.

And it is time for all of you to start working with your contributions for the annual "HOLY FUCKING ANTIChristmas" release on Misantrof ANTIRecords.

This is the 9th time we release this unorthodox compilation. MMXVI Edition!

Basic master RULES:
- Un released music ONLY
- That Means: Previously released material is NOT accepted
- File format: Uncompressed WAV is the only accepted format. UNMASTERED
- Include all needed info about your band (Biography, links to websites, social, pictures, everything, so we don't need to ask for more). Even if you've been on our compilation already!
- Send the material before the end of November (30th) or you will not make it at all
- Send stuff / download link (dropbox, wetransfer, etc) to
- Have fun, and make Santa SUFFER!!