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Stavanger, Norway


Runar Beyond -Vocals, acoustic/electric guitars, bass, Hammond and Kawai organ, organ bass pedals and mellotron.

Andy Amin - Acoustic/electric guitars, Hammond and Kawai organ, organ bass pedals and mellotron.





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  • Additional Musicians
    Album: Beyond The Morninglight
    - Drum programming & electric guitar

    EP: Lifelines
    Leo Moracchioli - Guest session drummer

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Dark atmospheric rock and roll
Beyond the Morninglight was founded by Runar Beyond and Andy Amin in 2006. Two old friends sharing the passion for dark melancholic music

Lifelines EP      

Pure evolution. The next step.
Another release, a further step forward. Beyond The Morninglight cannot be stopped, cannot wait. It's a matter of constant unstoppable evolution. Always aiming to the next level, this EP respects its owns title, drawing a line on the life of this band, a line that is passed over, taking it all to a new reality. Musical evolution, style evolution, that melancholic style becomes something newer, higher, stronger. And the band grew up too, welcoming Erik at the guitars, giving a shocking injection of electric feeling to the band's whole warm and grooving sound. Runar's lyrics deeper than ever and his sad sounding voice is now fully expressed, thanks to the stronger work of the new line up. There's clearly more space for everyone and every single instrument -from the breathtaking guitars to the erotic bass lines, from the majesty of the mellotron to the great drumming performance- is there to let listener feel it as an individual essence and as part of a greater project. Autumn music, written staring at a calm river flow, lost in the solitude of the intense Norwegian nature, while rain, fog and a dominating darkness can reflects thoughts into oneself's inner mirror, intensifying those thoughts creation process. A philosophical route that becomes reality when crossing the gates of that essence and dimension feeding emotions, sensations and passions.

Open Your Eyes      

To celebrate BEYOND THE MORNINGLIGHT's 5 years anniversary we release an exclusive single from our upcoming album "LIBERATION" The track "Open Your Eyes" is a great Example of what's to come our second album. The soundscape is more gloomy. "LIBERATION" is being recorded by Daniel Vrangsinn - He also filmed and produced this video.

"Open Your Eyes" can be downloaded for free in both mp3 & mp4 video format.
Right click to save MP4 VIDEO (HD) or Right click to download MP3 AUDIO


Their new album titled "LIBERATION" is a milestone. An artistic milestone. The band's creativity really blossomed, crafting this superb concept album, based upon the downfall of a young man in his prime, all through his decadence, until his end, and the dyed black day of his funeral.

The story is told as seen from the eyes of Runar Funeralheart, singer and lyricist of the band, who really feels all the life, all the air, all landscapes and all the death surrounding him, and can transform all those sensations into little creatures he likes to take care of, like children to feed, watch over and grow up into massive songs, so full of energy, soul and deepest emotions.

Extremely influenced by those grey winter skies of Norway, with those silent vast lands inspiring loneliness and melancholy, Runar and Andy of Beyond The Morninglight simply reach a deeper, also higher, level of introspectiveness. Their creativity is Norwegian air breathed in and released back out in form of gloomy melodies, endless mellotron driven sensations, dark atmospheres, and such a shrouding feeling never felt before.

Produced, Mixed and Engineered by Daniel Vrangsinn and Beyond The Morninglight. Cover artwork by Daniel Vrangsinn. Band Photos by Eyla Evertsen Da Gama.

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-Beyond the Morninglight-

Track 1, 3, 5, 9 was recorded in ANP studio 2007
Track 2, 4, 6, 7, 8 was recorded here & there with Misantrof Portable 2008

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-Lifelines EP-

Download the torrent here!

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