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Matija Jelić - Vocals
Joc Vučetić - Guitars
Viktor Kordan - Bass
Goran Lučić - Drums

Goran Anić - Vocals

The Rite Of Retaliation




  • Discography
    2002 Conceptional Immortality
    2005 MA_IN 05
    2006 Deathbreed - Upgrade 06
    2006 Last Bridge Burning
    2008 Demo 08 (soon)
    2009 The Power Of Denial (soon)

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Pure Croatian Metalcore

Combining elements of mid-nineties post thrash, hardcore grooves and general metal brutality, Machine Insufficiency slowly forged itself into what it is today – a menacing metalcore machine.
After two locally highly appreciated demo recordings („Conceptional Immortality“ 2004 and „MA_IN 05“), ma_in had already grown into a well-oiled machine, known for merciless live performances and razor - sharp musicianship, further distancing themselves from mainstream's misinterpreted definition of real metalcore. Throughout personal and musical differences, the band was forced to replace their frontman and start writing songs for 2006's self-released „Last Bridge Burning“ EP.
With this crushing five- song promo, people were given a chance to witness a new perspective of mixing groovy and abrasive thrash metal with the finest blend of modern face–peeling hardcore.
While being distributed through Oluja distribution, "LBB"'s impact secured them shows on some of Croatias biggest metal festivals and shows with some well known metal acts like Behemoth and Dying Fetus. After a ton of overwhelming album and concert reviews, huge local and growing foreign fanbase, time has finally come to reclaim their status and hardworking ethic.
At the moment, the band is fully concentrated on arranging songs for their new full lenght recording "The Power of Denial", their darkest and heaviest, yet most mature and solid musical escape into social criticism and personal turmoil.

-Last Bridge Burning-

After a few very successful shows and months of hard work, we concluded year 2006 with another digital statement called "Last Bridge Burning". After the recording session, we signed a distribution deal with Oluja distro ( With these five milestone songs, you have a chance to witness a new perspective of mixing groovy, abrassive thrash metal with finest blend of modern, face-peeling hardcore.

Release Date: Dec 30th 2006

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Current Songs being worked on.

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2017-05-31 23:41:25 - added by Zakk
MC MOON, Sin Will Find You
Released on June 1st 2017!

Nuns, priests, whores and transvestites. Churches and brothels.

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2016-12-26 19:11:39 - added by Zakk
Holy Fucking AntiChristmas Volume 9.

It is out!


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2016-10-15 12:43:22 - added by Luca

Sorry for you, but it's Fucking xmas time again.
The mass is already jinglebellin' all around.

And it is time for all of you to start working with your contributions for the annual "HOLY FUCKING ANTIChristmas" release on Misantrof ANTIRecords.

This is the 9th time we release this unorthodox compilation. MMXVI Edition!

Basic master RULES:
- Un released music ONLY
- That Means: Previously released material is NOT accepted
- File format: Uncompressed WAV is the only accepted format. UNMASTERED
- Include all needed info about your band (Biography, links to websites, social, pictures, everything, so we don't need to ask for more). Even if you've been on our compilation already!
- Send the material before the end of November (30th) or you will not make it at all
- Send stuff / download link (dropbox, wetransfer, etc) to
- Have fun, and make Santa SUFFER!!