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  • Additional Musicians
    Eirik Skrangle
    Guitar and other musical contributions to "The only problem is YOU!!!"

    Musical contributions on "Entrapped and bound"

    Guitar & Lyrics on "This kind of phobia"

    Backing vocals on "DEATH is BEAUTIFUL"

    Glans Penis
    Backing vox on "The only problem is YOU!!!"

    Aisha Shadowpast
    Lyric contributions on "DEATH is BEAUTIFUL"

    Frøken Tuva
    Flute on "DEATH is BEAUTIFUL"

    Bjørn Schistad
    Lyrics on "Visst faen, det er vår"


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Psycopop idiosyncrasy with an ounce of psychedelic doom rock

Why do you constantly feel like something is very wrong here? That something in this world is not right at all...  Why can't you just fit into this world and feel good too?

Could it be cause we live in a society designed to supress most of our natural insticts?

Could it be that we designed the society to fit the ones we would like to be instead of the ones we are just to forget that we are animals?

Could it be that in our quest for eternal life we needed to feel like we were special and better than the other lifeforms in this world to be able to justify the idea of an afterlife?
Is this why we alienated nature to a such degree that we actually destroy it so we can finally be able to forget where we came from?

Is that why we have constant war on this planet or can it all be blamed on religion?

As long as I walk this earth I will do my best to remind YOU, ME AND EVERYONE ELSE about all those things we all just fail to see, do or accompish in our lives. I will do my best to break All those illusions we live in, both the self inflicted mental prisons we build for ourself and the traditional religion inflicted mass insanity. I will constantly keep on reminding us about just how meaningless we render ourself into being in this world as long as we spend our lives living lies.. I want to remind you that as long as you do have a brain you pretty much have a responsibility to use it too or at least give it a good try.

I just want to be free really. Free from the restrictions lies told by others put on my life and most likely on your life too. You don't have to agree with me or believe a single word I say at all cause that is not the point here as this is my world and my truth I present for you.

What I really ask you is:
"Did you even start searching for your truth in your world or do you see truth as the same truth your parents told you based on their limited knowledge of the world? The same knowledge they got from their parents with their limited knowledge of the world and so on? are YOU YOU?"

I am me and this is my music

Scroll down a little on this page to download all the music and videos from the 2008 release "Moon Psychedelia Collection"


 "This Kind Of Phobia" - Music video
FLV (14mb) - MPG (40mb) - AVI Pal DV (618mb)

FLV (4,5mb) - MPG (15mb) - AVI Pal DV (238mb)



Posted 22 February 2010

PHOBIA can be downloaded from:


Inspired by the grey shades of life & nights under the enchanting moon..
Creative Commons License
MOON PSYCHEDELIA COLLECTION by DANIEL VRANGSINN is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

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This will be a follow up to PHOBIA and a continuation of the war against religion. Will most likely be ready for release in 2011.

I-ANIMAL | A rought mix from May 2010 - click here to read the lyrics

A FUTURE | A rough mix from June 2010 - click here to read the lyrics

This will be a completely different Vrangsinn album.. Spooky stuff. Hopefully ready around 2012. Expect the unexpected with this one :)

CODENAME IDIOSYNCRASY | Acoustic guitar rough scetch of some ideas


I DON'T BELIEVE IN LOVE | a demo recording for the A WASTE OF TALENT album we released in 2008. Roughly recorded. Check out the  completed version of it here : - click here to read the lyrics

LILLE MAALTROST | A children song about a tiny bird EIRIK SKRANGLE (R.I.P) and myself did just for the hell of it in 2009.

THERE IS SOMETHING YOU NEED TO KNOW (THE WOLFSONG) | Opening track on PHOBIA (2010) - Roughly recorded demo version - Get PHOBIA here

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Latest News:

2010-11-07 13:53:08 - added by Vrangsinn

ADDED 2 NEW "TABOO" PREVIEWS :) "Your AVERAGE Jesus" & "If a stranger came" - Enjoy! - T.B.R 2011

2010-01-31 15:58:36 - added by Vrangsinn
The Audio only edition of the PHOBIA release is uploaded and serve as a little treat while you wait for the full release
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2009-11-10 23:41:30 - added by Vrangsinn
Vrangsinn debuts new phobia project at art gallery exhibition at Kurant Art Gallery in Tromsø
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2017-05-31 23:41:25 - added by Zakk
MC MOON, Sin Will Find You
Released on June 1st 2017!

Nuns, priests, whores and transvestites. Churches and brothels.

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2016-12-26 19:11:39 - added by Zakk
Holy Fucking AntiChristmas Volume 9.

It is out!


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2016-10-15 12:43:22 - added by Luca

Sorry for you, but it's Fucking xmas time again.
The mass is already jinglebellin' all around.

And it is time for all of you to start working with your contributions for the annual "HOLY FUCKING ANTIChristmas" release on Misantrof ANTIRecords.

This is the 9th time we release this unorthodox compilation. MMXVI Edition!

Basic master RULES:
- Un released music ONLY
- That Means: Previously released material is NOT accepted
- File format: Uncompressed WAV is the only accepted format. UNMASTERED
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- Send the material before the end of November (30th) or you will not make it at all
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- Have fun, and make Santa SUFFER!!